The Genesis Of Bee Natural Prodcuts, Inc.

honeycomb.gifThere was a line that stretched out the door!  I stood in my booth at the dental show, and watched in amazement as dental hygienists lined up at the booth beside mine and spoke and bought the products being offered by the middle aged couple.  During one of the breaks at the show, I walked over to the couple and introduced myself and asked who they were and what they were selling.

Don Johnson introduced me to his family run business, and I was immediately struck by their products and the fact that this was a fourth generation family business. Don's gentile demeanor and passion for his products and the fact that both he and his wife were in this together also impressed me.   I had always wanted something similar for my wife and I to do.

He spoke about why he attended dental shows, as he had come to realize that dental hygienists constantly have their hands in water.  That turned on some light bulbs for me, as I knew someone else who constantly had her hands in water.

I took some of his product home to my wife Gloria, who is an ardent basket weaver and stained glass artist.  She uses water in almost everything she does and she often complained about her cracked and rough skin.  To make the story short, she fell in love with the products.

Living in Florida and commuting often to the Washington DC area, I also have run into hundreds of people with cracked skins, abrasions, and other water caused skin problems.  Being "a senior" that magical age where our skin seems to become less elastic and more prone to cracks, even I have found the cream to be a great help.  Have those hard calluses on your feet?  Try the bees wax bandage to help soften those hard pads on your heels! 

I spoke with Don and asked if he had anyone on the east coast representing his products and the outcome was the birth of Bee-Natural Products, Inc.   I love having a product made by a family that lives here in the US.  In this day and age of everything either being made overseas or being produced by some multinational conglomerate, it is wonderful to represent a quality, local made or family owned products.

Honey Guy products distributed by Bee Natural Products Inc are some of the finest natural hand creams, sprays, and polishes you can possibly use.  My wife and I live in Vero Beach Florida, were we now proudly proclaim ourselves as a natural bee product distributor.

Please give the "Honey Guy" products distributed by Bee-Natural products a try, you will not be disappointed.  If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact us at either or just fill out the contact us form included on our site.   Look forward to having you as a customer.

Charles and Gloria de Andrade
Bee Natural Products, Inc.


My Beekeeping Story actually began when my father, Ralph Johnson, was a young boy in Missouri. He learned to keep bees with his father in the 1920's. In 1993, my brother Jim and I joined him and we brought over 100 hive boxes and stocked them with new bees. We produced a lot of honey, selling most of it wholesale to local health food stores and road-side vegetable stands under the name “Johnson's Honey”. Our East Texas Wildflower Honey is among the best in the country for health purposes because of its high pollen content.

In 1993 I wanted to make other products from our beehives and began researching Beeswax Skin Cream so I could utilize our beeswax. I knew that in the early days of our country, the European Honey Bee was brought to North America and that the settlers made and used a highly effective beeswax skin cream that would seal their skin from water damage, washing and other exterior antagonist; thereby keeping skin from splitting and bleeding in those cold, eastern winters. I found references to Beeswax Skin Cream going back as far as the Egyptians 4,000 years ago. We also found there were countless, age-old methods of making beeswax cream. So, I began to experiment.

The basic steps seemed simple. As time went on, I experimented with hundreds of variations. I knew I wanted a cream that was enjoyable to feel (silky smooth), healthful, therapeutic and topically remedial. I want to make it like the Egyptians, completely natural! The Skin Cream had to have enough beeswax to produce the desired effects on the skin, but not too much that the Skin Cream would be greasy, stain, or not absorb readily. Like any other guy, I knew that I DIDN'T want it to be like modern-day lotions... greasy, smelly, slippery and quickly washed away!

In June 1999 I began to sell my Beeswax Skin Cream locally at an open-air farmer's market nearby, where I was nick-named “The Honey Guy”. My Skin Cream instantly became the best seller at the market, with customers coming back for more and many repeat orders coming in by phone and fax. Often visitors would come to the market after being referred by friends. They would ask “Where is 'The Honey Guy' who sells that wonderful Beeswax Skin Cream?” That was the start of “Honey Guy® WaterBlocker Skin Cream”. The name “Honey Guy®” has since been trademarked and identifies all of our handmade, natural, pure and safe for all age products.



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