XTRA Heavy-Duty, Waterproof Skin Cream - The Flexible,
Waterproof Bandage that stays on!

list2.gifQuickly applied, invisible Beeswax Bandage stops most minor, free-bleeding wounds and reduces most pain and swelling. Within seconds of contact, the Beeswax Bandage begins naturally sealing and protecting the wound, allowing the body to start to heal itself without interference from external antagonists.

Beeswax Bandage applied topically, waterproofs the wound, forming a protective beeswax layer that is non-greasy. Seals and protects cuts and wounds from water, dirt, germs and prevents dryness; therefore No Scabbing, No Scarring with continual use!

Application: Do no rub cream in, but completely cover the bleeding cut or wound with a 'blob' of water-proofing Beeswax Bandage. Apply two times a day, or as often as wound dictates. Forms a flexible, beeswax barrier or seal, that is superior in many ways to any other bandages currently in use. And it is ALL NATURAL. Great for large, hard to cover areas that other bandages just are not able to cover and protect.

How it works: Honey Guy® Beeswax Bandage is a formulation with a high concentration of beeswax, the working ingredient, which makes this product unique. NO OTHER beeswax product uses beeswax in the amounts that we do or with the Natural Purity of Beeswax Bandage!

Beeswax Bandage is helpful for: Waterproofing small or large, hard to cover areas, shaving cuts, paper cuts, nicks, bleeding wounds, blisters, bleeding abrasions; for diabetics and persons taking medications that make skin fragile, tear or bleed easily and thin aging skin. Lightens bruising.

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WARNING FOR ALL HONEY GUY PRODUCTS: For external use only. Our creams contain no germ killing chemicals. Do not use around or in eyes. Do not use on burns or wounds with an active infection. If any sign of redness, swelling or itching, or in case of deep puncture wounds, animal bites, serious burns or prolonged bleeding, consult a doctor.

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