What is Waterblocker Skin Cream?

It is an old-time, hand made, multi-purpose, natural skin cream.

What is in Waterblocker Skin Cream?

Waterblocker™ Skin Cream is natural and free of harmful chemicals. The key ingredient is pure, natural beeswax. Also food grade mineral oil (i.e. what the Doctor gives you in the hospital to drink when you have to stay a few days), distilled water and a natural mineral, Borax. There are no chemical preservatives or stabilizers and no fragrance added.

What is Waterblocker Skin Cream for?

It has many purposes, which are detailed below. The three main categories are 1) Skin softener and moisturizer, 2) Skin protector, and 3) Anti-itch, burn and sting cream

What are it's physical characteristics?

Creamy smooth, highly absorbent, long lasting (one application lasts most users all day), water proof, non-greasy. The molecular binding agent, Borax, which holds the water, beeswax and oil together is completely natural and very mild (will not bind or remove one's natural oils). The food grade mineral oil carries the beeswax into the skin completely with no residue left on the surface after a few minutes, but the beeswax will not wash away in soap and water either! It continues to do its job all day even if exposed to agents that would remove other creams.

Who is it for?

Waterblocker™ is literally for everybody. Men, women, youngsters, babies, and yes, even Fido. Anyone who has a problem with dry skin, is exposed to skin irritants (water, dirt, grease, chemicals, paper), or has itching skin - regardless of the cause. People who are sensitive and cannot wear other creams can usually wear Waterblocker™.

Some of our users are: Babies, Nurses, Artisans, Doctors, Dentists, Teachers, Bank Tellers, Beauticians, Orthodontists, Postal Workers, Day Care Workers, Welders, Plumbers, Painters, Cowboys, Pressmen, Electricians, Carpenters, Mechanics, Gardeners, Bricklayers, Blacksmiths, Landscapers, Cabinet Makers, Leather Craftsmen, Computer Users, Snow and water Skiers, Swimmers, Chefs, Police, Farmers, Firemen, UPS Drivers, Secretaries, Veterinarians, Homemakers, Dog Groomers, Restaurant Workers, and the list goes on…

Why do other manufacturers use chemicals and what happens to Waterblocker without them?

Chemicals are included in most creams to make them look as good as the day they were made - even if they set on a warehouse shelf for a year OR MORE and undergo extreme temperatures. In other words the chemicals are there to save the manufacturer money. Chemicals seldom have anything to do with helping your skin and are often detrimental, especially to those with sensitive skin. Waterblocker™ Skin Cream has no such chemicals. It is made by hand as was done by the Early American settlers and others (dating back to ancient Egypt) using natural ingredients - beeswax being the chief active ingredient. Mineral oil is also an active ingredient and with water serves as a carrier to take the beeswax into the skin. Our ancestors did not have mineral oil, so they used animal fat. We want to do things the old way as much as possible, but we figured most folks would prefer mineral oil over animal fat. Waterblocker™ needs no preservative, as it does not deteriorate. Without chemical stabilizers or strong binders, the water can separate out just a little, especially when exposed to high temperatures. But this condition is easily remedied simply by stirring the water back in. We consider this to be a small inconvenience to avoid being exposed to the harsh chemicals used to prevent separation! In fact, if one forgets to close the container and Waterblocker™ dries out, a little water and a few seconds in the microwave with restore it to it's original wonderful, silky smooth condition.

Aren't mineral oil and Borax harmful chemicals?

Anything can be harmful - especially in large quantities. We use only a tiny amount of mineral oil and Borax. We use food grade mineral oil which is not harmful when ingested. Also, because Waterblocker™ Beeswax based skin cream is waterproof, it does not need to be replaced even when washing many times each day. Therefore, the amount of cream used in a day by most people is about the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil. How much mineral oil can that be?? The reason we us food grade mineral oil is that it does not require a preservative. Almost all natural oils will go rancid in a few days or weeks without the presence of a (chemical) preservative.

What is the use of incorporating a nautral oil when you must then use a dangerous preservative with it? Food Grade Mineral oil present the best over-all solution for an effective, safe skin cream. The natural mineral Borax is the binder that holds oil, beeswax and water together. Without Borax, the mixture is a gooey mess. Most skin creams use man-made binders that are MUCH more harmful than the natural mineral Borax. Honey Guy uses Borax and food grade mineral oil because they are the BEST choices we can use to present a safe, effective and economical solution to dry skin problems and itch, burn and sting. NO one else makes a product as pure as Waterblocker™ Skin Cream and that works for SO MANY different skin problems.

What are some uses for Waterblocker?

WE MAKE NO CLAIMS THAT OUR PRODUCT IS FOR ANY PARTICULAR MEDICINAL USE. Waterblocker moisturizes and softens rough, dry skin including hands, cuticles, feet, elbows, even the face. Waterblocker™ protects skin from irritants such as water, grease, paint, chemicals, dust, and dirt. It seals skin and prevents natural oil and moisture in the skin from being leached out by paper, cloth, cardboard, water, wind, etc. And, in most cases, it Stops Itch In It's Tracks - regardless of the cause. Stops the sting and burn of bee stings, scorpion stings, sunburn, even minor skin burns from the stove, etc. Waterblocker™ enables minor burns and wounds to heal without scabbing or scarring by keeping the skin soft and moist. It is even an excellent deodorant! Applied liberally to the under arms in the morning, it lasts all day and you will never experience skin rash as with other deodorants! Animal owners and Vets have used Waterblocker™ to relieve the dryness and itch in animals as well. Mothers use it on Baby's bottom for diaper rash. The beeswax protects the rash from urine so it can heal and it also can prevent rashes from recurring by shielding the skin from urine. Moms also report using Waterblocker™ on the chin to stop chafing from drooling. There is nothing in it harmful to child or animal even if a little happens to get into the mouth.

Using Waterblocker Around the Eyes

Waterblocker™ contains no antibacterial chemicals to prevent eye infections. Waterblocker™ may become contaminated with bacteria, if you put your fingers in your jar. These bacteria can potentially cause eye infections. If you want to use Waterblocker™ around the eyes, be sure to keep some in a separate, sterile container and use a sterile applicator to apply to the eye area.

How is Waterblocker packaged?

We package Waterblocker™ in 4 ounce, 8 ounce and 16 ounce white plastic cosmetic jars. We also have a 1/2 ounce snap open pocket / purse size. Additionally, because so many health care professionals use Waterblocker™, we package it in 4 ounce and 8 ounce TUBES. Tubes are less susceptable to contamination and therefore, better for a medical office environment.

Also now available in convenient, sanitary 4oz and 8oz squeeze tubes!!

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