The Honey Guy BEESWAX FURNITURE POLISH is reminiscent of the excellent beeswax polishes used in Old England centuries ago to protect fine wooden that still exists today and is as beautiful as the day it was made!

The Honey Guy BEESWAX FURNITURE POLISH protects wood from moisture and keeps the cells soft, preventing splits and cracks. A little buffing produces a marvelous shine. Apply with a clean cloth, let dry, then buff to a shine

Also use to protect, soften and restore leather.

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Used on new wooden furniture to preserve beauty and protect from water and humidity. Prevents cracking caused by exposure to high humidity. A heavy coat of Honey Guy BEESWAX FURNITURE POLISH offers far better protection to your fine wooden furniture than a thin coat of the modern silicone polishes which do little more than shine.

Used on old wooden furniture to restore natural luster and when buffed produces a brilliant shine. Applying linseed oil first and then polishing with Honey Guy BEESWAX FURNITURE POLISH will help restore suppleness to wood cells, sealing in the oil and shutting out damaging moisture. There is no better way to protect fine wood furniture!

Use on leather to seal in the natural oil and moisture of the leather while sealing out the drying effects of air and water. Keeps leather supple and soft! Restores leather that has become hard and brittle.

Ingredients: Pure, natural beeswax, mineral spirits and turpentine

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