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Candles - Bee Hive -14 - 18 Oz
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Candles - Bee Hive

Beeswax Candles - 14 Oz - 18 Oz in size - Cotton Wick - Bee Hive Design (By Webb's Honey)


 As with all candles, you should not leave any candle burning unattended.  Please be sure to extinguish any candle prior to leaving the area where it is placed.  Also, special care should be taken when children or pets are present.  Both children and pets have natural curiosity and candles attract them.  So please, take care of burning candles at all times, but especially around children and pets.  Some of our candles come in containers.  While infrequent, glass containers are known to crack with heat. Also, containers get hot, do not handle container until it has been allowed to cool.  All candles should be placed on a dish to protect from  dripping wax.  While bees wax candles do burn practically drip free, there is still hot wax being melted by the flame.

Please enjoy our candles and be relaxed by the soothing aroma each candle produces.

Price: $18.00 $16.00


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