I wanted to let you know how great I think your skin cream is. As a physician I wash my hands many times a day, one day I kept count and I had washed my hand 115 times. In the winter my hands would be cracked and bleeding as I have hand eczema. Nothing was helping. One of my Medical Assistants brought me a jar last year of the WaterBlocker cream, since then my hands are free of any problems. I know you can't make medicinal claims, but your cream is fantastic. I've told many patients to try the cream for their different skin conditions with wonderful success.

L. F., M.D.


My name is C. H. and I own and operate an Underwater Search & Recovery in Texas. I have been diving for about 10 years and have a Master Diver level of training. My average week sometimes will include up to 7-8 dives in almost unheard of conditions and circumstances. I always dive bare handed to be able to feel for my targets because of absolute zero visibility. This causes cuts and scrapes on almost every dive, sometimes deep and painfull. Since I found the "Beeswax Bandage" I have used it many times with great sucess. I now count it as a part of my dive gear. It's ability to stop minor bleeding instantly is great, and it works underwater with equal sucess. Sometimes I spend hours in the water with only part of the time underwater, but my hands are still very exposed. A good coating of the "Waterblocker" will extend the comfort of my hands and keep them from "soaking" up the water, like when someone spends too much time in a bath. Your products seem to be tailor made for Scuba diving operations. One of my instructors is going to Ireland next week and she is taking the Beeswax Bandage and Waterblocker with her. I now recommend to all my divers to carry your products as part of our operations. Thank you for the quality and packaging of your products.

Master Diver


I have had scleroderma for 13 years and have been using this cream for several years. This all-natural cream has softened my skin and I no longer have splits on my fingers or rough heels. One application lasts through several hand washings as it is waterproof and it forms a beeswax barrier that seals in our skin's natural moisture. I use it all over my body including my face.



My daughter, Sheila, attended the Boston Scleroderma conference in June 2005. It was at this conference that Tanya gave my daughter a sample of Honey Guy Waterblocker Skin Cream. She was so pleased with the results that she ordered me a 16oz container.

I am now 90 years old and have been suffering with very dry and cracked hands and feet caused from severe frostbite that I was exposed to during World War II at the Battle of the Bulge.

As I have gotten older the condition has worsened but I am very please with how the Waterblocker has helped to soften not only my hands but also my feet. I am no longer hesitant about shaking hands whereas before my hands were like sandpaper and now my hands are much softer.

I have continued to order Honey Guy Waterblocker Skin Cream since 2005 and would recommend it to anyone with dry, chapped or cracked hands and feet.




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