Natural-Handmade with Beeswax
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For Skin Problems

WaterBlocker Skin Cream absorbs deep below the surface of the skin. It forms a beeswax barrier over painful, damaged skin that seals and protects wounds for FASTER healing. It is remedial for changing and removing Redness, Rough-Scaly Skin and Itching. The quicker you apply therapeutic WaterBlocker Skin Cream on anything that itches, burns, or stings. The quicker the cream will stop the full process of what the skin problem would ordinarily do.

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Apply WaterBlocker Skin Cream as soon as possible to dry, split scleroderma skin and potential ulcer areas to prevent eruption. Use on digital ulcers, to lighten Morphea and Telangiectasia. Relieves pain of Calcinosis.

Damaged, painful, dry, cracked, bleeding hands are caused by what we touch on a daily basis which takes away the oil and moisture necessary for healthy hands. The beeswax barrier prevents the moisture from leaving your hands. Using WaterBlocker Skin Cream daily will give you completely new hands that are protected through wash after wash after wash.

No more dry, cracked, bleeding painful feet! Very important for Diabetics. Enjoy NEW FEET and no more greasy socks in bed! Apply WaterBlocker Skin Cream & let it absorb completely every night after bathing or before bed to soften and moisturize feet.

Soft, moisturized skin reduces possibility of stretch marks. Use WaterBlocker Skin Cream on sore episiotomy, hemorrhoids and other skin wounds. Absorbs quickly under the skin so it's great for nursing mothers as well.

Stops diaper rash and raw skin from teething, drooling and runny noses. Curative for soreness, redness and chapping with children who lick their lips.

Dogs, Cats, Show, Farm & All Animals: STOPS HOT SPOTS! Use on wounds, dry, cracked, bleeding skin, paws, ears; on rashes and any skin conditions.

NO SCABBING! NO SCARRING! WaterBlocker Skin Cream forms a beeswax layer over painful, damaged skin that seals and protects wounds for FASTER healing; protecting the damaged areas while keeping them moist, free of dirt, germs and water damage.

Immediately stops the itch on application. Works faster if you refrain from scratching.

WaterBlocker Skin Cream stops pain of minor burns, keeps burned skin soft and prevents oozing, scabbing and scarring with continued use.

WaterBlocker Skin Cream has antihistamine properties that quickly reduce swelling, redness and pain. In some cases, multiple applications, a minute apart, of WaterBlocker Skin Cream are necessary to stop the pain.

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