waterblock_set.jpgWelcome to Bee Natural we are a distributor for The Honey Guy products and Wee Bee Honey Naturally Raw Honey Products. All of our products are NATURALLY SAFE for all ages and ethnic skins. Our natural beeswax products moisturize and promote quick healing. Each product is hand-made, hypoallergenic, absorbs completely, non-greasy and is non-fragrant.

Check our complete line of all-natural products by The Honey Guy:




Acne Bed Sores Blisters
Callouses Celiac Chemo/Radiation
Chicken Pox Corns Cuts
Diabetic Skin Dermatitis - All Kinds Dermatitis - Herpetiformis
Diaper Rash Eczema Facial Lupus
Fever Blister Fragile, Aging Skin Helps to Fade Scars
Herpes Measles Nursing Breasts
Paper Cuts Pressure Sores Psoriasis
Rashes - All Kinds Razor Burn Rosacea
Shingles Stretch Marks Sunburn


We Bee Honey Naturally Raw Honey and Bee Pollen

honey_stick2.gifWee Bee Honey is an American family owned and operated apiary coming form three generations of beekeepers who strongly promote organic methods of raising bees.  Utilizing essential oils instead of pesticides.


Hand Poured All Natural Beeswax Candles with Cotton Wicks

hex_candle_noback.jpg"What do you do with 20,000 lbs of beeswax left over from our honey operations?"   The question was asked and here is the answer we came up with:
"Why you make your own line of natural beeswax candles of course! "

We melt and filter the natural beeswax to remove as many impurities as possible, but the wax still contains all of the natural color and aroma that the bees give it!  Each batch of wax is slightly different with its color and density determined by the bees that make the wax.   Bees wax candles can burn about 10 times longer than traditional wax candles.  They also are virtually soot free and have a wonderful natural aroma.


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